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Early this morning as I was perusing Twitter and sipping my first cup o’ joe of the day, I came across a great article by Mashable which I thought would be perfect to share with the masses.

The piece is titled “7 Bootstrapping Tips for the Resourceful Small Business” and really rings true to our philosophies at Game Set Social. For many small businesses, a big budget is not usually in the cards. This is when it helps to be resourceful and creative.

At previous jobs I have held as a social media manager, I was assigned a group of clients which were small businesses with little or no budget. It was my responsibility to raise brand awareness online for these companies without spending any money. At first, it seemed a little intimidating – competing with bigger businesses who invest tons of money in their campaigns. However, this is what led me to find I have a knack for using my creativity to to do more with less! From cross promotions to sharable content, this helped give my clients a unique and personalized edge (something money can’t buy!).

After years of working for PR firms and internet marketing companies helping small businesses flourish online with barely any budget at all, I knew it was time to embark on a journey of my own! Now as a founder of my own small business, I relate more than ever to my clients who are also small businesses. At our social media company we know first hand you don’t have to spend the big bucks to have a stellar campaign.

Although I personally related this article to my social media company and experiences, it of course applies to all small businesses! I hope after you read the tips provided in the article it serves as a source of inspiration as it did for me.

Check out the tips here and feel free to add your own tips in the comment section!

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