How social media changed my life

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today I want to talk about how my life has changed because of social media.

Lets go back to 2004 for a moment. A co-worker introduced me to Friendster (do you remember that?) and I remember thinking it was kind of sad and boring. My curiosity only lasted a day and I never looked back. Fast forward to my sophomore year at UCF – at 1am one February morning, I got a text message from a girl I was dating saying I should check out Facebook. Once I got over the fact I had to pay for that text message (text messages weren’t always unlimited),  I checked it out and joined. I was excited like a kid on Christmas getting ready to open the big present that doesn’t fit under the tree.

This social media outlet opened up a world of connections that up until the day of that text message, I thought I would never reconnect with. Just like that kid on Christmas with his new Jordan Jammer basketball hoop, I sat in front of my computer for hours searching for all of my old friends. In retrospect, sitting at a computer looking for people for hours is a bit creepy but the reconnections I made were well worth it.

Throughout the past 8 years, social media has evolved, more social media platforms were born and some died. I have stayed very loyal to just a few including Facebook because it seems that as my interests evolve, it evolves with me. What do you think your life would be like without your Facebook profile? I’m trying to picture what my life would be like without it and it seems unfavorable. I would definitely not be in tuned with all of the funny videos people accidentally make, my weekends would without a doubt be a little less exciting, and I wouldn’t stay connected with as many people because it would take too much time to call everyone to say hello.

Social media changed my life for the better and I hope it has changed yours!

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Peace, Love, and Turkey




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