Mike O’Hearn: A Strong Social Media Presence

It’s hard not to notice Mike O’Hearn if you happen to be anywhere at all nearby him: he is a former winner of the titles Mr. California, Mr. America, Mr. International and more; he has competed in and won multiple bodybuilding and weightlifting competitions, and in fact was voted one of the “12 Greatest Physiques of All Time” by fitness industry professionals.

Mike O'hearn & Robby Robinson

Mike O’hearn & Robby Robinson at Gold’s Gym Venice. The Mecca!

Mike’s presence is also easy enough to find in the media, as he has appeared in several films and on many television programs. And it’s extremely easy to find him online, what with his weekly webcasts, his constantly updated blog, and his dominance across multiple social media platforms. How does one man have the time to stay at the top of his game in terms of both fitness and media savvy? When it comes to the latter, the answer is simple: he chose to work with the right people.

Game Set Social has represented Mike O’Hearn for more than two years now, and we’re proud to call him, or rather to call the “Mike O’Hearn brand,” a stunning success story. Examples? When Mike came to us, he already boasted an impressive 49,000-plus followers on Instagram. But within twenty months of our taking the reins of his social media efforts, his followers grew to well over six times that number. At last check, he was nearing 310,000 Instagram followers.

The team from Game Set Social also saw one of Mike’s most successful Facebook posts garner a reach of more than 27.3 million people, a number to which most brands, products, or individuals would never even aspire. His Facebook page itself has grown from just under 100,000 Likes to more than 400,000 with our support, and in an age where so many social media platforms have become “pay to play” (boosting posts, paid ads, etc.) we did it all organically.

What’s the secret to the successful relationship between Game Set Social and Mike O’Hearn? Diligence/intelligence. That’s it. When Mike came on board as a client, he was already a well-established entity, renowned in fitness, bodybuilding, and weightlifting circles; reasonably well known in the nutrition and health arena; recognized for several roles on the big screen and on television. Therefore our job was not to create a brand identity or anything like that — Mike took care of that at age 13 when he first began bodybuilding, power lifting, and martial arts training.

Instead, it was our job to identify those platforms on which Mike could reach his largest audience and best engage with fans and like-minded fitness enthusiasts; it was our job to help him shine, in other words. We ramped up posts, pics, blogs and more, and created an active, engaging, multi-pronged approach to social media that offered genuine-quality content, amazing access to Mike, and plenty of evergreen material.

Today, rather than simply using his experience and training as a professional bodybuilder and weightlifter to win competitions, Mike conducts both weekly webcasts and even private Skype sessions with people who want to learn from the best. He offers both motivational support and actionable tips on diet and training, and he does so via the types of platform — social media, webcast, blogs, email updates, and more — with which today’s audience is most comfortable engaging.

Game Set Social never sets out to push a client in one direction or another; instead we simply explore avenues for better exposure, engagement, and online penetration, then make recommendations to our clients. In Mike O’Hearn’s success in the social media and general online world, we feel we’ve achieved proof of concept every bit as strong as our client’s powerlift (he was the four-time California Power Lifting Champion, by the way).