Over the Cliff Point Dume

A great way to relax!

Happy Monday friends!

Here at Game Set Social we strongly believe that you have to work hard but you also have to relax hard. Relax hard? What is that you ask?  Relaxing hard is something you do when you block out thoughts of your day to day work and do something that relaxes and inspires you. Some people like to lay on the couch and watch t.v. some people like to cook. I like to hike! This past weekend I took a short drive with some good friends to Point Dume in Malibu and spent a few hours trekking, breathing in the fresh air, and absorbing the fantastic views. Take a look.


Point Dume 12.8.13

photo 1

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This hike was filled with jokes, silence, and just overall enjoyment. There is something about stepping out of the city and watching mother nature live. One of my favorite parts of this excursion was getting to the top and seeing other families enjoying each others company and taking in the view.

I find it extremely unfortunate that so many people don’t take advantage of their free time to unwind. Walking around for an hour and a half gave me the recharge I needed and I still got home in time to watch the come back of the Black Mamba….Kobe Bryant!

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