Why Is Content Creation So Important?

Because authenticity!!! Authenticity is what’s going to help you create a relationship with your customers and garner brand loyalty. Why should they spend money with you?  Nobody gives a damn about a company that is repurposing recycled graphics or memes. Nobody cares about a company that doesn’t care to spend time on creating value for customers, both current and prospective.

We live in an era where attention spans are 5 seconds or less. It it absolutely critical that we grab our viewers attention, tell a story and evoke an emotion. It isn’t a surprise that a picture of a dog laying on his owners grave goes viral or a video of a soldier surprising his family when they don’t expect it goes viral. *tears* Dog laying on grave of owner

Not all content has to bring tears to your eyes. The content can inspire, motivate, make you smile or make you laugh. You get the idea. As a client of Game Set Social, we will build this type of content for you by identifying your target audience and defining the tone we would want to voice within that content.

There is nothing more faux pas on social media than posting to only push product with tasteless graphics. People on social media don’t want to be sold, they want to be entertained & educated. With that being said, it is without a doubt worth the investment of time and money to develop a digital brand identity to increase brand chatter, inspire brand advocates and increase positive brand sentiment. Major brands and your competitors are doing it, so should you!

A Quest For One Million Facebook Fans

It is pretty common knowledge that social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter needed to monetize their businesses. In order to accomplish this feat, they have essentially forced users to purchase ads in order to maximize reach. At Game Set Social, we have accepted this but when we see opportunity for our clients to […]

Mike O’Hearn: A Strong Social Media Presence

It’s hard not to notice Mike O’Hearn if you happen to be anywhere at all nearby him: he is a former winner of the titles Mr. California, Mr. America, Mr. International and more; he has competed in and won multiple bodybuilding and weightlifting competitions, and in fact was voted one of the “12 Greatest Physiques of All Time” by fitness industry professionals.

Mike O'hearn & Robby Robinson

Mike O’hearn & Robby Robinson at Gold’s Gym Venice. The Mecca!

Mike’s presence is also easy enough to find in the media, as he has appeared in several films and on many television programs. And it’s extremely easy to find him online, what with his weekly webcasts, his constantly updated blog, and his dominance across multiple social media platforms. How does one man have the time to stay at the top of his game in terms of both fitness and media savvy? When it comes to the latter, the answer is simple: he chose to work with the right people.

Game Set Social has represented Mike O’Hearn for more than two years now, and we’re proud to call him, or rather to call the “Mike O’Hearn brand,” a stunning success story. Examples? When Mike came to us, he already boasted an impressive 49,000-plus followers on Instagram. But within twenty months of our taking the reins of his social media efforts, his followers grew to well over six times that number. At last check, he was nearing 310,000 Instagram followers.

The team from Game Set Social also saw one of Mike’s most successful Facebook posts garner a reach of more than 27.3 million people, a number to which most brands, products, or individuals would never even aspire. His Facebook page itself has grown from just under 100,000 Likes to more than 400,000 with our support, and in an age where so many social media platforms have become “pay to play” (boosting posts, paid ads, etc.) we did it all organically.

What’s the secret to the successful relationship between Game Set Social and Mike O’Hearn? Diligence/intelligence. That’s it. When Mike came on board as a client, he was already a well-established entity, renowned in fitness, bodybuilding, and weightlifting circles; reasonably well known in the nutrition and health arena; recognized for several roles on the big screen and on television. Therefore our job was not to create a brand identity or anything like that — Mike took care of that at age 13 when he first began bodybuilding, power lifting, and martial arts training.

Instead, it was our job to identify those platforms on which Mike could reach his largest audience and best engage with fans and like-minded fitness enthusiasts; it was our job to help him shine, in other words. We ramped up posts, pics, blogs and more, and created an active, engaging, multi-pronged approach to social media that offered genuine-quality content, amazing access to Mike, and plenty of evergreen material.

Today, rather than simply using his experience and training as a professional bodybuilder and weightlifter to win competitions, Mike conducts both weekly webcasts and even private Skype sessions with people who want to learn from the best. He offers both motivational support and actionable tips on diet and training, and he does so via the types of platform — social media, webcast, blogs, email updates, and more — with which today’s audience is most comfortable engaging.

Game Set Social never sets out to push a client in one direction or another; instead we simply explore avenues for better exposure, engagement, and online penetration, then make recommendations to our clients. In Mike O’Hearn’s success in the social media and general online world, we feel we’ve achieved proof of concept every bit as strong as our client’s powerlift (he was the four-time California Power Lifting Champion, by the way).

Game Set Social Announces Its Latest Client: Strong Snax

Game Set Social is proud to announce that we are now representing Strong Snax in all aspects of social media, from marketing to branding to customer outreach. Strong Snax is the brand behind an innovative (and delicious) new way to get optimal amounts of protein before, during, and after workouts: the Strong Snax Protein Gummies.

Strong Snax

The worlds first all natural protein gummy.

These all-natural gummies offer an alternative to protein shakes or powders, and are formulated to deliver a blend of fast-, medium-, and slow-digesting proteins, keeping your energy level and muscle-building potential at their peak levels even during long, vigorous exercise sessions.

Our team is always excited by brands that offer products or services we find compelling, but in Strong Snax we also found a client whose approach to business and overall outlook mirrors that of Game Set Social: genuinely good products created by genuinely good people. Far from being a supplement or vitamin concoction of questionable value, a packet of Strong Snax Protein Gummies are created from a blend of three proteins (whey isolate, whey protein, and casein), coconut oil, and natural flavorings. All of the ingredients are certified as GMO-free, and a single packet offers 21 grams of protein.

Over the coming weeks and months, Game Set Social will help Strong Snax continue to develop the brand identity they have already established, and we will help them spread out across multiple social media platforms. Their current sales model is largely based around online sales with orders shipped directly to customers, but in time we see their products occupying shelf space at leading nutrition product retailers, fitness centers, and in mainstream grocery settings.

It is always the goal of Game Set Social to be the invisible hand guiding the marketing campaigns of our clients; from social media posts to email blasts to value-added blog and web content, our team puts in the effort to learn the client’s tone so well that our work organically achieves their goals: greater brand exposure, increased brand engagement, and ultimately more customers and more sales.

Beyond simply promoting the Strong Snax name and its Protein Gummies, we will also be working closely with them to track and analyze the data that comes streaming in as their brand grows and as our social media outreach efforts hit full swing. Just as Strong Snax prides itself on helping athletes build a robust, healthy physique, we pride ourselves on our robust and reactive approach to modern marketing: we can see in near real-time how and why customers are engaging with a brand, and can exploit that information for the maximum benefit of the brand we’re supporting.

To that end, our team is already exploring potential partnerships between Strong Snax and several other trusted brands with which we have relationships. Cross promotion can create win-win situations for multiple parties, and we hold the synergy created by such like-minded partnerships as a great measure of success. Stand by to hear more about Game Set Social’s exciting plans for our new client soon!

What is Social Media Listening and Why Is It Important?

Social media listening, also known as social media monitoring, is the process of finding and assessing what is being said about your company, brand or product. To take it a step further, Game Set Social  likes to monitor specific keywords that are relatable to your business in order to hop in and interrupt conversation to create brand awareness.

Interrupt conversation? Yes, but it’s not as rude as you think it is. A example of this is when we were monitoring the keyword ‘Paleo’ within 50km or New York City (NYC) on Twitter for Paleo Passion Foods. We would interact with user who mentioned this specific keyword somewhere in their tweet and added something insightful to their conversation. Because of this active monitoring, Game Set Social was able to connect Paleo Passion Foods with a cast member from the most recent season of The Bachelor, Nikki Delventhal. She agreed to promote the product on her social media because she believed in what the company stood for and she also wanted to support local business. Her one post exposed Paleo Passion Foods to over 30,000 unique users across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Our main purpose for social media listening is to raise brand awareness while minimizing cost per impression. When connecting with an influencer such as Nikki, your company will get more “bang for the buck.” Social media listening can also be done through Instagram just by simply searching hashtags that are relatable to your business/industry and engaging with those users . It is a fairly tedious process but Game Set Social will take on that responsibility so we can free you up to focus on the core of your business.

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Millennials are Changing the Workforce


Five years isn’t a long way away, but human-resources experts predict significant changes within the workforce over the next half-decade.

As millennials take their seats in the business world, we are starting to see a shift as increasingly flexible and mobile opportunities in the workforce surface.  As a millenial myself, I have found the changes in our professional landscape especially intriguing. In starting a social media marketing company of my own, I myself have become part of a statistic in which more are becoming entrepreneurs and freelancers, distancing themselves from corporate jobs for more creative freedom.

According to a study done by Mashable, freelance employees are expected to approach the 50% mark within the next five years. Much due to the fact that millennials prefer paving their own professional paths without the pressure of being tied to the same job for 20+ years. This also leads us to another aspect of the study in which ‘flex-work’ is becoming the new norm. More and more jobs are becoming internet focused making it easier to work from home and while on the go, rather than being confined to a desk for the majority of the day (my dream!).

At the ripe age of 26 I decided to leave my desk job to peruse a business venture of my own. I am excited to see statistics as such on the rise and encourage more millennials to branch out and do the same. Co-founding a social media marketing company has given me the opportunity to help other small businesses and entrepreneurs thrive – which is so rewarding. I can’t wait to see what the next five years have in store!

Until next time!

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The Power of Pinterest!


Pinterest is becoming more and more prominent in the social media world! Some are a tad but skeptical – and at GSS it’s our job to explain why this platform can be a vital tool in gaining exposure for businesses!

Below are some tips we always keep on mind when pinning away for our clients at Game Set Social:

– People are visual. This is what makes Pinterest so grand! Social media has become more visual than ever (see Facebook’s timeline feature) – Pinterest has hit the nail right on the head with it’s low-content highly visual layout. While posting product info/promos can be helpful, try to think out of the box with other topics and angles that are related to your brand. This will entice users to check out your boards, and once they like what they see, they will most  likely want to check out the business behind the boards!

– Offer something different. Anyone can pin eye catching photos to their boards, but HOW you choose to do so can make all the difference. Try organizing your boards by Color schemes and unique themes. The way you choose to name and organize your boards can really personalize your page. When it comes to organizing your pins, let your creative juices flow! (Also try to pin things from creative sources outside of Pinterest, don’t just pin things from others!)

-Hold a giveaway. Come up with an angle that relates to your business or brand. I for example, would think of something fitness related. Create a community board and a topic, and the person who posts the board with the most likes and repins would be the winner. There are so many creative ways to approach giveaways, and the results can be amazing!

Hope you enjoyed our social media tips for the day! Happy pinning everyone!

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Mistakes Marketers Make Everyday!

Mistakes Marketers Make Everyday!

Good day all! Today while scrolling through Mashable.com, I came across an excellent article about the 6 most common mistakes marketers make on a daily basis. All of the mistakes listed in the article are extremely important but 2 specific mistakes really pop out to me.

1. Marketing without a content strategy.

There have been many times where we would be getting started with a new client and they are under the impression that you can post anything and the growth of fans/customers will just rise. Our strategy is very simple. We identify the overall goal of our client and create fun content that is not only related to the company but also post content that is fun and will keep fans engaged ultimately leading to more traffic to the clients website.

2. Talking about yourself non-stop.

Just like everyone else in the world, we are all on social media. Have you ever had the experience when scrolling through your feed and you see multiple posts from the same person talking about the same thing? In my experience I proceeded to unfollow/unlike or unfriend that person or company. As a company it is important to post content that is related to your business but also post more selfless content such as a funny video or interesting breaking news that is related to your industry. We have seen much success in posting graphics that inspire people. We find it very important to let our clients know up front that we will be posting a variety of content that falls within the realm of their business but isn’t only about their specific company.  Just like its hard to be friends with someone who just talks about themselves all day, it is hard to like a company who is so self-involved on social media.


To see more of this article on Mashable, click here: http://mashable.com/2014/07/31/marketing-mistakes/ 

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OffSixth / Under the Lights Downtown Las Vegas

Off Sixth / Under the Lights Downtown Las Vegas

The debut show to a 3-part concert series called Under the Lights started June 20, 2014 at the Downtown Las Vegas Container Park. The show consisted performances by Indie favorite Cults, American Cream, DJ Technicolor and Overjoy out of Los Angeles. Game Set Social had never been to Container Park, but let me tell you this place was AWESOME! It’s such a unique venue surrounded by excellent food, shops and bars. You can’t help but get excited when you are there. If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, make sure you take a stroll through downtown and make a stop at the Container Park.

Container Park Las Vegas Under the Lights

Praying Mantis at Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas Under the Lights

The praying mantis out in front of the Container Park is something like a beast. Randomly throughout the night it shoots fire balls out of its antennas in different patterns. When we first arrived we were trying to take a photo and all of a sudden it sounds like we are at war haha. I can’t lie, we were a little frightened.

The turn out to Under the Lights was amazing! Even with EDC 2014 within miles of the show, many locals and tourists came by to enjoy high energy music, delicious food and the company of good people. If you were at the show feel free to share your photos with us on Instagram. Use hashtag #UTLLV and @UnderthelightsLV Game Set Social is extremely proud to have Off Sixth/Under the Lights as a client and we are excited for the upcoming show July 18th featuring Sky Ferreira. You can get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/UTLSKY. Follow Under the Lights for photos from the event Friday night!

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Under the lights social links are as follows:

Facebook: UnderTheLightslv

Twitter: @UNDRthelightslv

Instagram: @UnderthelightsLV

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Start Tonight!!

Wow! Where does the time go? I remember for the 2010 Olympics, I was sitting on my hotel bed in Fort Lauderdale watching something called curling. At first glance I thought to myself,  “What the hell is this? This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen.” Well, after 10 minutes of watching, I was at the edge of the bed totally zoned into this awesome game.

Now 4 years have past and we are all preparing for the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. To be quite honest with you all, I almost forgot about the Olympics until I saw a commercial about Shaun White taking part in the Slope Style event for the first time. That should be very exciting considering he’s the Michael Jordan of Snowboarding. Does this guy have a limit? Every year he goes bigger than he did in previous years. Anyway, I’m super excited to see this guy fly.


I’m also really excited to see the impact the 2014 Winter Olympics has on social media. Just think about this for a minute. In 2010, Instagram was in its’ beginning stages, memes weren’t really that big, and vine  was just an idea. In 2014 we are exposed to way more social media platforms which allow us to be creative in so many different ways. I will be staying busy search hashtags throughout this years Olympics to see what kind of shenanigans people are getting themselves into.

Enjoy the games everyone!