Game Set Social Announces Its Latest Client: Strong Snax

Game Set Social is proud to announce that we are now representing Strong Snax in all aspects of social media, from marketing to branding to customer outreach. Strong Snax is the brand behind an innovative (and delicious) new way to get optimal amounts of protein before, during, and after workouts: the Strong Snax Protein Gummies.

Strong Snax

The worlds first all natural protein gummy.

These all-natural gummies offer an alternative to protein shakes or powders, and are formulated to deliver a blend of fast-, medium-, and slow-digesting proteins, keeping your energy level and muscle-building potential at their peak levels even during long, vigorous exercise sessions.

Our team is always excited by brands that offer products or services we find compelling, but in Strong Snax we also found a client whose approach to business and overall outlook mirrors that of Game Set Social: genuinely good products created by genuinely good people. Far from being a supplement or vitamin concoction of questionable value, a packet of Strong Snax Protein Gummies are created from a blend of three proteins (whey isolate, whey protein, and casein), coconut oil, and natural flavorings. All of the ingredients are certified as GMO-free, and a single packet offers 21 grams of protein.

Over the coming weeks and months, Game Set Social will help Strong Snax continue to develop the brand identity they have already established, and we will help them spread out across multiple social media platforms. Their current sales model is largely based around online sales with orders shipped directly to customers, but in time we see their products occupying shelf space at leading nutrition product retailers, fitness centers, and in mainstream grocery settings.

It is always the goal of Game Set Social to be the invisible hand guiding the marketing campaigns of our clients; from social media posts to email blasts to value-added blog and web content, our team puts in the effort to learn the client’s tone so well that our work organically achieves their goals: greater brand exposure, increased brand engagement, and ultimately more customers and more sales.

Beyond simply promoting the Strong Snax name and its Protein Gummies, we will also be working closely with them to track and analyze the data that comes streaming in as their brand grows and as our social media outreach efforts hit full swing. Just as Strong Snax prides itself on helping athletes build a robust, healthy physique, we pride ourselves on our robust and reactive approach to modern marketing: we can see in near real-time how and why customers are engaging with a brand, and can exploit that information for the maximum benefit of the brand we’re supporting.

To that end, our team is already exploring potential partnerships between Strong Snax and several other trusted brands with which we have relationships. Cross promotion can create win-win situations for multiple parties, and we hold the synergy created by such like-minded partnerships as a great measure of success. Stand by to hear more about Game Set Social’s exciting plans for our new client soon!