Why Is Content Creation So Important?

Because authenticity!!! Authenticity is what’s going to help you create a relationship with your customers and garner brand loyalty. Why should they spend money with you?  Nobody gives a damn about a company that is repurposing recycled graphics or memes. Nobody cares about a company that doesn’t care to spend time on creating value for customers, both current and prospective.

We live in an era where attention spans are 5 seconds or less. It it absolutely critical that we grab our viewers attention, tell a story and evoke an emotion. It isn’t a surprise that a picture of a dog laying on his owners grave goes viral or a video of a soldier surprising his family when they don’t expect it goes viral. *tears* Dog laying on grave of owner

Not all content has to bring tears to your eyes. The content can inspire, motivate, make you smile or make you laugh. You get the idea. As a client of Game Set Social, we will build this type of content for you by identifying your target audience and defining the tone we would want to voice within that content.

There is nothing more faux pas on social media than posting to only push product with tasteless graphics. People on social media don’t want to be sold, they want to be entertained & educated. With that being said, it is without a doubt worth the investment of time and money to develop a digital brand identity to increase brand chatter, inspire brand advocates and increase positive brand sentiment. Major brands and your competitors are doing it, so should you!

OffSixth / Under the Lights Downtown Las Vegas

Off Sixth / Under the Lights Downtown Las Vegas

The debut show to a 3-part concert series called Under the Lights started June 20, 2014 at the Downtown Las Vegas Container Park. The show consisted performances by Indie favorite Cults, American Cream, DJ Technicolor and Overjoy out of Los Angeles. Game Set Social had never been to Container Park, but let me tell you this place was AWESOME! It’s such a unique venue surrounded by excellent food, shops and bars. You can’t help but get excited when you are there. If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, make sure you take a stroll through downtown and make a stop at the Container Park.

Container Park Las Vegas Under the Lights

Praying Mantis at Container Park in Downtown Las Vegas Under the Lights

The praying mantis out in front of the Container Park is something like a beast. Randomly throughout the night it shoots fire balls out of its antennas in different patterns. When we first arrived we were trying to take a photo and all of a sudden it sounds like we are at war haha. I can’t lie, we were a little frightened.

The turn out to Under the Lights was amazing! Even with EDC 2014 within miles of the show, many locals and tourists came by to enjoy high energy music, delicious food and the company of good people. If you were at the show feel free to share your photos with us on Instagram. Use hashtag #UTLLV and @UnderthelightsLV Game Set Social is extremely proud to have Off Sixth/Under the Lights as a client and we are excited for the upcoming show July 18th featuring Sky Ferreira. You can get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/UTLSKY. Follow Under the Lights for photos from the event Friday night!

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Under the lights social links are as follows:

Facebook: UnderTheLightslv

Twitter: @UNDRthelightslv

Instagram: @UnderthelightsLV