Why should my small business be on social media?

I have been asked this question time and time again from prospective clients, colleagues and friends alike, and I must say I never tire of answering! Recently i’ve found myself becoming a little overzealous when explaining to people why in fact, their businesses should be on social media. As this has been a reoccurring conversation in recent times, I think it’s more than appropriate I write today’s blog post on this popular topic.

So here it is, ladies and gents! A few key reasons why your small business should jump on the social media band-wagon:

1. Maximizing exposure: The internet has become the main source for people to discover new businesses and if they are worth trying out. If your business is not a functioning part of the social media world, you are missing out on a huge chunk of potential customers. Having an online presence allows you the potential to spread the word about your company across multiple platforms to thousands upon thousands of people. There are even tools for you target a certain demographic and measure exactly how many users you are reaching. Not to mention, if your competitors are online and you aren’t, this gives them a huge advantage. Don’t get left behind!

2. Reputation management: Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to take to social media when it comes to giving their two cents about their experiences with businesses. There could be (and most likely are) entire conversations taking place online about your company that you haven’t the foggiest about! Once on social media, tools can be utilized to keep an eye on what people are saying about your brand and you in turn can respond to these mentions. Answer questions and comments genuinely and professionally and you will earn the respect of your followers and show them you care about what they think. Personalized interactions on your pages will leave a lasting impression on the consumer.

3. Marketing Research:  Once you are monitoring your mentions as stated above, this will give you incredible insight on what’s working and what isn’t, straight from the consumer’s point of view. Your business can not flourish unless you understand your faults and work to change them. Social media lets you look at what you are doing wrong so you can work on it, and what you are doing right so you can capitalize on it. Once again tools can be used to monitor and analyze what worked and didn’t over a specific span of time.

5. Search Engine Ranking: Who doesn’t want to rank on Google, Bing and other search engines? You are one step closer with social media as long as you are taking the proper steps such as optimizing your posts and linking back to your website. Any SEO pro will tell you, you gotta be on social media!

6. Cost-effectiveness: Signing up for most social media platforms will cost you no money at all! Sure, paying for ads and promotions though social media does help, but there are countless ways to get creative to expand your brand through the online world without breaking the bank (if you haven’t checked out my recent post on being a resourceful small business be sure to check it!).

As a founder of my own small business, I definitely know the advantages of having an online presence. I feel I could go on for hours! I must fight the urge and stop myself – i’d love to hear what YOU have to add! Feel free to add insight of your own in the comment section!

Happy Thursday, everyone!




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