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Why Is Content Creation So Important?

Because authenticity!!! Authenticity is what’s going to help you create a relationship with your customers and garner brand loyalty. Why should they spend money with you?  Nobody gives a damn about a company that is repurposing recycled graphics or memes. Nobody cares about a company that doesn’t care to spend time on creating value for […]

A Quest For One Million Facebook Fans

It is pretty common knowledge that social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter needed to monetize their businesses. In order to accomplish this feat, they have essentially forced users to purchase ads in order to maximize reach. At Game Set Social, we have accepted this but when we see opportunity for our clients to […]

Game Set Social Announces Its Latest Client: Strong Snax

Game Set Social is proud to announce that we are now representing Strong Snax in all aspects of social media, from marketing to branding to customer outreach. Strong Snax is the brand behind an innovative (and delicious) new way to get optimal amounts of protein before, during, and after workouts: the Strong Snax Protein Gummies. […]

What is Social Media Listening and Why Is It Important?

Social media listening, also known as social media monitoring, is the process of finding and assessing what is being said about your company, brand or product. To take it a step further, Game Set Social  likes to monitor specific keywords that are relatable to your business in order to hop in and interrupt conversation to […]

Millennials are Changing the Workforce

  Five years isn’t a long way away, but human-resources experts predict significant changes within the workforce over the next half-decade. As millennials take their seats in the business world, we are starting to see a shift as increasingly flexible and mobile opportunities in the workforce surface.  As a millenial myself, I have found the changes […]

The Power of Pinterest!

Pinterest is becoming more and more prominent in the social media world! Some are a tad but skeptical – and at GSS it’s our job to explain why this platform can be a vital tool in gaining exposure for businesses! Below are some tips we always keep on mind when pinning away for our clients […]

Mistakes Marketers Make Everyday!

Mistakes Marketers Make Everyday! Good day all! Today while scrolling through Mashable.com, I came across an excellent article about the 6 most common mistakes marketers make on a daily basis. All of the mistakes listed in the article are extremely important but 2 specific mistakes really pop out to me. 1. Marketing without a content strategy. […]

OffSixth / Under the Lights Downtown Las Vegas

Off Sixth / Under the Lights Downtown Las Vegas The debut show to a 3-part concert series called Under the Lights started June 20, 2014 at the Downtown Las Vegas Container Park. The show consisted performances by Indie favorite Cults, American Cream, DJ Technicolor and Overjoy out of Los Angeles. Game Set Social had never […]

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Start Tonight!!

Wow! Where does the time go? I remember for the 2010 Olympics, I was sitting on my hotel bed in Fort Lauderdale watching something called curling. At first glance I thought to myself,  “What the hell is this? This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen.” Well, after 10 minutes of watching, […]