Combining internet savvy with interpersonal skills, Game Set Social utilizes a creative entrepreneurial spirit to succeed in raising brand awareness online for businesses. As new tools and services are constantly becoming available in the social media world, our team of experienced digital interaction specialists keeps current with what is necessary to stay ahead of the competition and provide stellar out of the box social media campaigns for your business.

Community Building

Creating a genuine online community –  A million followers means nothing if they aren’t buzzing about your business! We create online campaigns specifically tailored to your brand in order to appeal to your demographic. Interacting in real time using no automated tools, our goal is to create an online community where people can chatter and share about your brand. Extending brand awareness throughout the internet, and giving your business a personalized touch.

A Human Touch

Balancing technology and social relations –  Having a grasp on technology is essential in terms of internet marketing, however it is also vital to possess a creative and sociable liveliness. Our team knows the importance of maintaining the perfect synergy between the two.


Game Set Social knows that in order to engage new and current followers, our social media campaigns must be creative, fresh and fun! How do we do this? The answer is as simple as staying current with online trends and adapting to change.

Our Work

Game Set Social carefully crafts content based on each of our clients unique needs and objectives. For a more in-depth look at some of the social campaigns we’ve built, view our portfolio below.

Our Clients

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