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Yesterday we officially launched the social media company website for Game Set Social along with our Facebook and Twitter profiles! It has been an exciting 24 hours watching our page likes go up and monitoring the website traffic. If it weren’t for our past clients, contacts, colleagues and friends – the quest to start getting exposure would be much more difficult. With that being said, I can’t help but think about businesses helping businesses and the power of networking. As a small business, many times having help from another small business can do wonders. This knowledge is what inspired us to create Game Set Social in the first place!

Helping out another business can happen in many ways from cross-promotions or simply by word of mouth. For example, a barber shop or salon is a great social setting in which customers and employees talk about anything under the sun. Sometimes during these conversations, a barber will say something like “hey, do you know anyone that needs their car detailed?” Even though this barber is mentioning the car detailing service nonchalantly, he is building interest and engaging his clients. One of those clients may become a sale for the auto detail company. As a social media company, Game Set Social knows the importance of  word of mouth in situations as such and strive to take these types of interactions into the online world!

We are so excited to start interacting and networking even more now that our social media company is up and running! If you’re a small business or know anyone who wants to heighten their exposure online, we’d love to hear more!

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