It is pretty common knowledge that social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter needed to monetize their businesses. In order to accomplish this feat, they have essentially forced users to purchase ads in order to maximize reach. At Game Set Social, we have accepted this but when we see opportunity for our clients to not spend a dollar, we jump on it.

On July 15, 2015, just like any other day, we were managing fitness celebrity, Mike O’Hearn’s social channels when we came across a piece of content that we felt fit his persona and would be shared in a viral fashion. Without hesitation, the content was posted and soared to the skies like a NASA space shuttle. As you see below, this post reached over 20 million people with over 55,000 likes, over 75,000 comments and over 70,000 shares. Mike’s total fans on Facebook to start the day was 288,117. Today the fans total 908,026 with an average growth of 56,355 fans per month without spending one dollar on ad boosting or page likes.

Mike O'Hearn Viral

Facebook video stats for Mike O’Hearn

Please understand we are not dismissing the power of Facebook ads. In fact, we believe in them and their ability to drive the proper audience to your site and raise brand awareness. We just identified what Mike’s audience responds to and used that to our advantage in order to maximize reach.

Since the day of that post, we have been able to maintain an average organic reach of 1 to 2 million people per week. Given the mysterious Facebook algorithms, Game Set Social chalks this up as a major WIN! We recommend that all social media managers really pay attention to insights, but also pay attention to the tone of your audience. They provide us with what we need in order to continue to create and/or post engaging content.

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