Facebook Likes: Quantity vs. Quality

There are many social media management companies out there that are misleading businesses to think that having more likes on their Facebook business page is more important than the quality of the actual likes. Unfortunately, in this scenario, the high number of likes does not translate into engaged Facebook fans. Too much money is being wasted on pointless fans who do nothing other than make it look like the business page is being run successfully. The business may get a few engaged Facebook fans and their customer base may grow a little but not the way it could when they have higher quality fans. The bottom-line is Facebook can be used as a tool to create leads that turn into more revenue for your company. Don’t waste time on the just the appearance of success.

How do business acquire quality likes?

1. Create good engaging content. Do not make your facbeook post look like an essay. We are in the age of quick bursts of information and short attention spans. Facebook users want their information quickly and clearly.
2. Promote your posts. As the old saying goes, “It takes money to make money.” In the case of promoting your posts, you do not have spend millions of dollars. Start off small. Test the waters and see what works. Then keep a close eye on your reports.
3. Engage with your fans. As a customer or potential customer, you tend to make purchases when you feel like you are being helped and talked to. Take any store at the mall, you don’t know you want to make that purchase most of the time until the sales person start chatting with you. Keep fans/customers engaged and happy.
4. DO NOT OVER POST! This is one of the largest mistakes any company can make using Facebook. When someone makes my timeline look like a promotion for their company, they get the proverbial boot. Blocked forever. Every fan is valuable.

If you have a business and would like to have your social media pages set up and run properly, feel free to reach out to us for a consultation here!